4 Signs Of Blocked Drains: How To Know When You Need A Professional

4 Signs Of Blocked Drains: How To Know When You Need A Professional

Blocked drains can be a major nuisance and an extra hassle that nobody wants. However, learning how to spot and pay attention to signs of blocked drains early on can help save you from more serious plumbing issues down the road.

Here at Drainage Solutions, our experienced and friendly team are experts when it comes to blocked drains, toilets, sinks – you name it. It is important to be aware of when it is the right time to call in the professionals and get your drains back to working normally and efficiently.

Look out for these 4 tell-tale signs if you believe you are experiencing blocked drains. Our drainage experts will be happy to come to the rescue.

Slow Drain

Is your bathtub or sink taking longer than usual to drain? This is a definite sign of a blocked drain. Grime and soap will begin to create a thick layer in the diameter of the pipe, which is as a result of a larger blockage deeper within the pipeline.

Bad Odour

Have you noticed a questionable odour coming from your bathroom? When a significant odour begins to linger and stick around, this is a major sign of blockage. If you smell it, we can deal with it.

Gurgling Drain

A loud gurgling noise from your drain might already alarm you, and if so, you will want a professional to come and inspect it right away. If your drains are gurgling this will be due to air that is getting trapped somewhere within the plumbing. There are several possibilities as to why your drain might gurgle, so further inspection is required.

Excess Water On Your Property

Have you spotted random plants growing near your sewer line? When there is mystery water entering your lawn or a puddle begins to form, this could be due to clogged drains. It is wise to take action in this case as you’ll want to avoid creating any further damage to your sewer line from the outside.

Let us help you keep your drains happy and healthy. Leave it to the professionals at Drainage Solutions, and enjoy hassle-free, reliable service. Contact us for more information today.